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Penn’s Way is the workplace giving campaign which is comprised of two organizations:  America’s Charities and Penn Medicine.  

Note that our own Abramson Cancer Center, Penn Medicine Hospice Program, Morris Arboretum, and Penn Vet, among others, are eligible for donations through Penn’s Way – as are many agencies and organizations in our own communities.

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Chairs and Advisors of Penn's Way

Maureen S. Rush, MS, CPP
Senior Advisor to the Senior EVP
University of Pennsylvania
Penn's Way Co-Chair

Eric A. Feldman, JD, PhD
Professor, Penn Cary Law School
University of Pennsylvania
Penn's Way Faculty Advisor    

Patricia G. Sullivan, PhD
Chief Quality Officer
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Penn's Way Co-Chair

Peter D. Quinn, DMD, MD
Professor, Penn Dental Medicine
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Penn's Way Faculty Advisor

Contact Us

If you still have questions or feedback you can call (215) 746-GIVE (4483) or email pennsway@upenn.edu.

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Questions and Resources

If you have questions regarding Penn's Way online donating, or any other aspect of the Penn's Way Campaign, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Visit the Volunteers web page for resources and to find lists of local coordinators for UPHS and the University to contact.

Penn's Way Comes Together

Maureen Rush & Pat Sullivan at podium
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trainer introducing a black working dog
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black working dog and trainer about to demonstrate search and rescue skills
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during a demonstration a rescue dog finds a hidden Penn Vet staff member in a container
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Cindy Otto speaking at podium
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leadership enjoys the rescue dog demonstration
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President Liz Magill speaks at a podium
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Liz Magill holding campaign towel and thanking volunteers during the kick-off event
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volunteers cheering and swinging rally towels overhead
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Craig Carnaroli encourages volunteers during kick-off
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leadership recognition at the kick-off event
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UPHS Fellows listening to the speakers
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penn's way volunteers at luncheon
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