$4.00 buys a one-day canoe field trip for a school child.

$10.00 would retrieve 20 tires from a roadside dump.

$15.00 buys a compact fluorescent light bulb for a low-income family.

$50.00 buys a programmable thermostat for a low-income family.

$50.00 would plant 50 4' seedlings on public land.

$50.00 provides set of literacy brochures to help 50 people learn how to read.

$100.00 provides six hours of home health aide services.

$100.00 provides a week's supply of lifesaving medication.

$100.00 provides art supplies for two seniors for one year.

$150.00 provides a day of activities for 15 seniors.

$200.00 would give an inner city youth or an individual with a physical disability a weeklong wilderness experience.

$500.00 would organize a volunteer cleanup that removes 10 tons of trash.

$500.00 provides thirty-five hours of individual prevention case management for high-risk youth.

$500.00 provides a six-week bereavement support group for 6-8 partners, parents, or friends surviving the loss of a loved one from AIDS.