Frequently Asked Questions

About donating, the raffle, and the partners of Penn's Way.

  1. Can I participate in Penn's Way without donating money?

    Employees who contribute elsewhere may do so by checking the appropriate box on the online pledge form or by indicating a $0 gift amount on the paper pledge form. All employees who participate will be eligible for the weekly employee prize raffle as well as the midway prize and grand prize.

  2. Will my contribution via payroll deduction occur pre- or post-tax?

    All contributions made via payroll deduction will be deducted after taxes.

  3. How do I appropriately deduct my Penn's Way contribution from my taxes?

    Penn's Way contributions made via payroll deduction will occur in following year and should, therefore, be considered deductions for that year’s taxes. Please consult your accountant or tax advisor regarding contributions made via cash, check, or credit card.

  4. How do I see or document my payroll deductions for tax purposes?

    You can see what was deducted for Penn’s Way online as you would normally view your weekly or monthly paystub, with your PennKey and password.  Penn’s Way deductions are listed in after-tax deductions by the partner organization the donation was given – United Way or Philadelphia Alliance for Change. You can choose the period you are checking from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

  5. I contributed online via payroll deduction or credit card. Now what?

    Please print a copy of the confirmation page and retain it for your records. If you have already closed the online form, simply login again and print the confirmation page.

  6. I contributed online via cash or check. Now what?

    Please print the confirmation page, attach your cash or check payment, and turn your paperwork into your Penn's Way Captain or Coordinator. (Please make all checks payable to Penn's Way Campaign.) You will receive a photocopy of your online confirmation page and payment for your records.

  7. Where is the pledge form?

    You can find the pledge form ready for printing on the Financial Info page.

  8. How about the list of agencies?

    You can find the list of agencies on the Financial Info page.

  9. Where do I find my department or group coordinator?

    You can find your local contact on the Volunteers page. The left column contains a link to the Health System staff list and the right column contains a link to the University staff list.

  1. How can I qualify to win raffle prizes?

    To qualify for the weekly raffle, you must participate by completing an online pledge form by Friday at 12:00 p.m., or by returning your completed paper pledge form to your Coordinator or Captain by his/her weekly deadline. Inaccurate, incomplete, or illegible paper pledge forms will not be entered into the raffle. All participants, including weekly raffle winners will be included in the grand prize drawing at the end of the campaign.

  2. Do I have to contribute in order to be eligible for the raffle?

    No. Employees who contribute elsewhere should simply check the appropriate box on the online pledge form or by indicating a $0 gift amount on the paper pledge form. All employees who participate will be eligible for the weekly employee prize raffle and grand prize drawing.

  3. Once I am entered into the weekly raffle, am I only eligible for that week's raffle or am I eligible for all subsequent weekly raffles?

    Once you successfully complete your online or paper pledge you are eligible for all subsequent weekly raffles as well as the grand prize drawing.

  4. How are winners notified?

    Winners will be notified by email or by phone within one week of the raffle drawing. Additionally, all winners will be published on the Penn's Way website, and in The Almanac. Winners have until December 15 to make arrangements to claim their prize.

  1. How much of my donation actually benefits the work of the organization(s) to which I give?

    This question addresses the issue of overhead, known in fundraising as the "administrative rate." Options such as payroll deduction allow donors to stretch their charitable dollar further than if they made a one-time gift. Nonetheless, there are fees associated with your gift:

    • The Philadelphia Alliance for Change administers an 8% flat fee to each of the eight funds/federations that receive donations through the Penn’s Way campaign. For more information please call (609) 760-1313.
    • The United Way administrative fee is 12.5% (4.1% administration and 8.4% fundraising). Gifts made to Penn Medicine organizations are administered by the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania (UWSEPA) and, as such, are charged the UWSEPA 12.5% administrative rate.
  2. What is the United Way Minimum Designation Policy?

    Gifts of $24 or more can be designated to 501 (c) (3) organizations that are in compliance with the USA Patriot Act. The minimum gift per agency is $24. If the agency you choose is ineligible, United Way will notify you, so that you may redirect your investment. If we do not hear from you, or if your designation is less than $24, or if you have not provided sufficient information for your agency designation, your designation will be directed to United Way’s Impact Fund. If an agency you choose is eligible but becomes ineligible at any point in the distribution schedule – such as when an agency’s nonprofit status is revoked or an agency goes out of business – United Way will direct the remaining portion of your gift amounts to United Way’s Impact Fund. Lastly, no Special Event Dollars may be designated to any agency. They will be automatically directed to United Way’s Impact Fund. 

There are many ways to participate in Penn's Way. The following video by Community Health Charities may show you how you can help support the health causes that you care most about.

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